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Heat-Resistant Bonding: GPH-110GF VHB Grey Foam Tape

The GPH-110GF VHB Grey Foam Tape from 3M™ offers strong, permanent bonding for applications requiring high temperatures. It’s ideal for bonding prior to powder coating or other heat-treated processes.

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Seamless Bonding for High-Heat Applications: GPH-110GF VHB Grey Foam Tape

Looking for a reliable bonding solution that can withstand high temperatures? The 3M™ GPH-110GF VHB Grey Foam Tape is the answer. This innovative tape boasts several key features:

  • Exceptional Heat Resistance: This tape excels in high-temperature environments, maintaining strong adhesion even before powder coating or liquid painting processes that reach up to 300°F (149°C). This allows for seamless integration into your production workflow.
  • Durable and Permanent Bond: The pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive creates a powerful bond that rivals rivets, welds, and screws. This durable bond is resistant to heat, moisture, and UV light, ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding environments.
  • Conformable Design: The conformable acrylic foam core allows the tape to adhere to irregular surfaces and create a tight seal, even on curved or textured materials. This flexibility enhances design possibilities and simplifies bonding processes.
  • Multi-Material Compatibility: The GPH-110GF VHB tape effectively bonds to a wide variety of high and medium surface energy substrates, including metals (stainless steel) and plastics (polyamide, PMMA, ABS). This versatility allows for broader application possibilities.


  • Ideal for high-temperature applications: Withstands heat up to powder coating temperatures.
  • Strong and permanent bond: Replaces traditional fasteners for a reliable hold.
  • Conforms to uneven surfaces: Creates a tight seal on various materials.
  • Bonds to diverse materials: Suitable for various substrates in your projects.

The 3M™ GPH-110GF VHB Grey Foam Tape is a strong and versatile solution for permanent bonding in applications requiring high temperatures. Its heat resistance, strong adhesion, and conformability make it an ideal choice for various industrial processes.

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19mm x 3m,1.1mm


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