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ANALOG – Switched-Cap Switching Voltage Regulators V Conv w/ Reg – LT1054IS8

ANALOG LT1054IS8 Switched-Cap Switching Voltage Regulator with Regulated Output. Delivers 100 mA output current, accepts 3.5V to 15V input voltage, single output, and employs charge pump topology. Housed in SOIC-8 package, suitable for SMD/SMT mounting, and operates at 25 kHz switching frequency. Available at Miken Electronics worldwide.

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The ANALOG LT1054IS8 is a switched-capacitor switching voltage regulator designed to deliver a regulated output efficiently and reliably. As part of the LT1054 series from Analog Devices, this regulator is tailored for a variety of electronic applications, ensuring stable power supply and efficient conversion.

This regulator features a maximum output current of 100 mA and supports an input voltage range from 3.5V to 15V, making it versatile for numerous power supply configurations. With a single output, it utilizes a charge pump topology to achieve voltage conversion, simplifying circuit design and improving efficiency.

Housed in a small outline integrated circuit (SOIC-8) package, the LT1054IS8 is ideal for surface-mount device (SMD) and surface-mount technology (SMT) applications. Its compact design, with a height of just 1.75 mm, facilitates easy integration into densely packed circuit boards.

Operating at a switching frequency of 25 kHz, the LT1054IS8 ensures consistent performance while minimizing electromagnetic interference. It features a quiescent current of 2.5 mA and an operating supply current of 3 mA, making it suitable for low-power applications. The load regulation of 50 mV ensures that the output voltage remains stable under varying load conditions.

Designed to operate in extreme temperatures, the LT1054IS8 can function effectively from -40°C to +100°C, making it suitable for both industrial and consumer electronic environments. Packaged in tubes, this voltage regulator is ready for automated assembly, enhancing manufacturing efficiency.

Available from Miken Electronics, the ANALOG LT1054IS8 is a robust and efficient solution for your voltage regulation needs. For more details or to purchase, visit Miken Electronics’ website, serving customers worldwide.

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Output Current: 100 mA
Input Voltage, Max: 15 V
Number of Outputs: 1 Output
Topology: Charge Pump
Package/Case: SOIC-8
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
Switching Frequency: 25 kHz
Quiescent Current: 2.5 mA
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C
Series: LT1054
Packaging: Tube
Input Voltage, Min: 3.5 V
Brand: Analog Devices
Height: 1.75 mm
Load Regulation: 50 mV
Operating Supply Current: 3 mA




SB02, B63


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