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TEXAS – high-speed driver, 36V, 30mA, CAN-10 – JM38510/11105BIC

The Vishay JM38510/11105BIC (5962-01-136-6239) is a precision linear microcircuit multiplier, designed for high-reliability applications. This internally trimmed IC ensures accurate analog and mixed-signal processing across a wide range of conditions

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The Vishay JM38510/11105BIC (I.C.)(5962-01-136-6239) is a high-precision linear microcircuit multiplier, specifically engineered for demanding analog and mixed-signal processing tasks. This internally trimmed integrated circuit is designed to deliver exceptional accuracy and stability, making it ideal for high-reliability applications where performance consistency is critical. Whether used in aerospace, defense, or advanced industrial systems, this analog multiplier ensures precise operation across a wide range of environmental conditions. Its robust construction and meticulous design cater to applications requiring rigorous performance standards. Miken World Wide is proud to offer the Vishay JM38510/11105BIC, reflecting our commitment to providing top-tier components that meet stringent reliability and precision requirements.

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SB01, A20


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