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Linear Power Versatility: XRJ Ka-Band Transceiver (5W to 25W)

The XRJ by Global Invacom is a Ka-band transceiver offering linear transmit power options from 5W to 25W,

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Unmatched Power and Performance: Global Invacom XRJ Ka-Band Transceiver

Elevate your Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) capabilities with the groundbreaking XRJ Ka-band transceiver from Global Invacom. This innovative unit boasts several key features:

  • Unmatched Linear Power Range: The XRJ offers a unique advantage with its linear selection of transmit power options ranging from 5W to 25W. This versatility allows you to tailor the transceiver’s performance to your specific needs, optimizing signal strength for diverse applications and overcoming signal degradation in challenging environments.
  • Class-Leading RF Performance: Engineered for exceptional signal quality, the XRJ delivers superior performance on Ka-band frequencies. This translates to reliable and high-speed data transmission for even the most demanding VSAT networks.
  • Ideal for Land and Marine Use: The XRJ’s robust design and weatherproof enclosure make it suitable for both land-based and marine VSAT installations. With its ability to withstand harsh conditions, it ensures reliable communication even in challenging environments.
  • Simplified Integration: The XRJ seamlessly integrates with various VSAT antenna systems, offering compatibility with existing infrastructure. This minimizes installation complexities and streamlines deployment processes.
  • Future-Proof Technology: Designed for Ka-band frequencies, the XRJ positions you for future advancements in satellite communication technology, ensuring your VSAT network remains adaptable and efficient.


  • Linear power selection: Tailors performance to specific application needs.
  • Superior RF performance: Delivers reliable and high-speed data transmission.
  • Land and marine suitability: Durable for various environments.
  • Simplified integration: Minimizes installation complexities.
  • Future-proof design: Positions you for advancements in satellite communication.

The XRJ Ka-band transceiver by Global Invacom is a revolutionary solution for VSAT applications demanding exceptional performance and adaptability. Its unmatched power range, class-leading RF performance, and rugged design make it a valuable asset for diverse land and marine communication needs.


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