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Compact and Efficient: XRE 3W Ku-Band Transceiver

The XRE by Global Invacom is a compact, 3-watt Ku-band transceiver with Zero-Touch EPS (Electronic Polarization Switching) for VSAT applications requiring reliable data transmission.

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Reliable Performance in a Compact Package: XRE 3W Ku-Band Transceiver

Enhance your VSAT connectivity with the XRE series from Global Invacom. This compact and efficient transceiver boasts several key features:

  • Space-Saving Design: The XRE’s small footprint makes it ideal for situations where space is limited. This allows for easy integration into various VSAT antenna systems, particularly those with smaller form factors.
  • Reliable 3W Transmission Power: The XRE delivers a consistent 3 watts of linear transmit power, ensuring dependable data transmission over standard Ku-band satellite networks.
  • Zero-Touch Electronic Polarization Switching (EPS): This innovative feature eliminates the need for manual adjustments, simplifying antenna setup and optimizing signal reception for both horizontal and vertical polarizations.
  • Modem Agnostic Design: The XRE is compatible with a wide range of L-band IF modems, providing flexibility in your VSAT system configuration. You can choose the modem that best suits your specific application needs.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The XRE features a simple two-cable (TX & RX) deployment process, minimizing installation time and complexity. Status LEDs provide clear visual indicators for simplified setup and troubleshooting.


  • Compact design: Ideal for space-constrained applications.
  • Reliable 3W power: Ensures consistent data transmission.
  • Zero-touch EPS: Simplifies antenna setup and optimizes signal reception.
  • Modem agnostic: Compatible with various L-band IF modems.
  • Easy installation: Two-cable deployment with status LEDs for user-friendliness.

The XRE 3W Ku-Band Transceiver by Global Invacom is a space-saving and efficient solution for VSAT deployments. Its compact size, reliable power output, zero-touch EPS, and user-friendly features make it a valuable asset for establishing dependable satellite communication.


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