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Our flexible waveguides are designed to isolate vibration, eliminate installation difficulties caused by misalignment and to provide a simple aid to positioning and alignment of antennas.

Both flexible/twist and flexible only are made from a helically wound waveguide core and additional mechanical support is offered from a variety of protective jackets.
Long lengths (>1m) of flexible waveguide are not recommended as better performance will be obtained from a mixture of rigid waveguide and much shorter flexible sections – see also hybrid waveguides


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Preformed and hybrid flexible waveguide assemblies

A preformed waveguide assembly is formed into the desired shape during the manufacturing process. Preforming can reduce the stress on the waveguide and the joints, and it is recommended in waveguides that will be bent close to the minimum static bend radius.

Preforming may be carried out on all GIW Flexible Waveguides and on Side Seam and Seamless waveguides. If a permanent twist is required the GIW Flexible Only Waveguides may be manufactured with a set twist. Preformed waveguides offer a defined and measured electrical performance for the installed shape.

A Hybrid waveguide run can contain both rigid and flexible sections. Flangeless low profile joints offer the following advantages:

  • eliminate EMC issues associated with flange interfaces
  • gas tight joints
  • Lower overall mass and lower profile
  • Lower insertion loss

Wherever possible formed sections will be used in preference to cast or machined sections to ensure the best possible insertion loss and match specifications.

Both preformed and hybrid waveguides can be supplied on a keeper plate, if required, to maintain the shape during storage / shipping.


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