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TYCO -10-12Awg 33.58mm 13.49mm Ring Tongue Terminal – Tin Loose Piece – MS25036-157

TYCO’s 10-12 AWG 33.58mm 13.49mm Ring Tongue Terminal in Tin Loose Piece configuration, designated as MS25036-157, is a premium electrical connector designed for robust and secure wire terminations. With its durable construction and precise dimensions, this terminal ensures reliable electrical connections in various industrial and automotive applications.

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TYCO introduces the 10-12 AWG 33.58mm 13.49mm Ring Tongue Terminal, a high-quality electrical connector engineered to meet the demands of industrial and automotive electrical systems. With precise dimensions and a rugged construction, this terminal, designated as MS25036-157, guarantees secure and dependable wire terminations, even in harsh operating conditions.

Crafted to accommodate wires ranging from 10 to 12 AWG, this terminal offers versatility and compatibility with a wide range of electrical setups. Its ring tongue design ensures a secure connection, minimizing the risk of loosening or disconnection due to vibration or mechanical stress. The tin plating enhances conductivity while providing corrosion resistance, prolonging the terminal’s service life in challenging environments.

Ideal for use in power distribution, control panels, and automotive wiring harnesses, TYCO’s Ring Tongue Terminal delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Each terminal undergoes stringent quality control measures to meet industry standards, ensuring consistent performance and peace of mind for users.

Whether you’re working on industrial machinery, automotive vehicles, or electrical systems, TYCO’s 10-12 AWG Ring Tongue Terminal in Tin Loose Piece configuration is the reliable choice for secure and durable wire terminations. Trust TYCO for premium quality and performance in your electrical applications.

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