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Texas Instruments – (I.C.) Low Dropout Dual Regulator – LM2935T

The Texas Instruments LM2935 is a dual positive 5.0 V low dropout voltage regulator designed for standby power systems. It supplies up to 750 mA for microprocessor power and 10 mA for standby memory, with a low quiescent current of 3.0 mA. Built for harsh automotive environments, it handles reverse battery, double battery, and load dump transients.

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Introducing the Texas Instruments LM2935, a versatile dual positive 5.0 V low dropout voltage regulator specifically engineered for standby power systems. This regulator features two outputs: a primary output capable of delivering up to 750 mA for powering microprocessors, and a secondary output dedicated to standby operation for volatile memory, supporting up to 10 mA loads. The LM2935 can be conveniently controlled via a switch/reset input to turn the main output on and off.

One of the standout features of the LM2935 is its low quiescent current, which is 3.0 mA or less when supplying 10 mA from the standby output, ensuring efficient power usage. This component is particularly suited for harsh automotive environments, as it is designed to be immune to various input supply voltage issues such as reverse battery conditions (–12 V), double battery scenarios (+24 V), and load dump transients (+60 V).

The LM2935’s robust design and reliable performance make it an excellent choice for automotive and other demanding applications where stable and efficient power regulation is critical. Enhance your standby power systems with the dependable Texas Instruments LM2935 voltage regulator, available now at Miken World Wide.

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