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Upgrade Phone Line Interface Design: LITELLINK™ FET for Telecom ICs

The LITELINK™ FET series offers high-performance Field-Effect Transistors (FETs) designed specifically for use with LITELINK™ isolated phone line interface ICs. They provide optimal switching and protection for phone line applications.

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Optimize Performance with LITELINK™ FETs for Telecom ICs

Enhance the performance and functionality of your phone line interface designs with the LITELINK™ FET series from Littelfuse. These specialized FETs are designed to work seamlessly with LITELINK™ isolated phone line interface ICs, offering several key benefits:

  • Optimized for LITELINK™ ICs: Engineered specifically for use with LITELINK™ ICs, these FETs ensure optimal compatibility and performance within your phone line interface design.
  • High Switching Performance: The LITELINK™ FETs deliver fast switching speeds and low on-resistance, enabling efficient signal control and data transmission.
  • Enhanced Protection: Featuring high breakdown voltage and excellent transient protection capabilities, these FETs safeguard your phone line circuitry from potential damage.
  • Complementary Selection: Choose from various FET voltage options to perfectly match the specific requirements of your LITELINK™ IC and application.


  • Seamless integration: Optimized for compatibility with LITELINK™ ICs.
  • Fast switching: Ensures efficient signal control and data transmission.
  • Robust protection: Safeguards circuitry from potential damage.
  • Variety of voltage options: Offers flexibility for diverse applications.

By incorporating LITELINK™ FETs alongside LITELINK™ ICs, you create a reliable and high-performing phone line interface solution. These FETs provide the essential switching and protection functionality tailored for optimal performance within your telecom designs.


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