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The STMicroelectronics TDA7267A is a 3W mono audio amplifier designed for speaker applications. It features a gain of 33 dB, operates with a single input and output signal type, and supports an operating supply voltage range of 9V to 15V with a current of 1.5A. Ideal for high-fidelity audio systems, this amplifier offers a PSRR of 50 dB, ensuring minimal power supply noise interference. With a compact design measuring 20mm in length and 4.59mm in height, it is suitable for various audio applications. Available worldwide through Miken Electronics.

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The STMicroelectronics TDA7267A is a high-performance 3W mono audio amplifier engineered for speaker applications, providing exceptional audio clarity and reliability. This amplifier boasts a substantial gain of 33 dB, making it suitable for various audio amplification tasks. It operates with a single input and output signal type, ensuring simplicity and ease of integration into existing audio systems.

Designed to function efficiently within a supply voltage range of 9V, 12V, and 15V, the TDA7267A supports an operating supply current of 1.5A and can deliver an output current of 1.5A, ensuring robust performance across a variety of conditions. The device’s impressive Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) of 50 dB ensures that power supply noise does not significantly affect the audio output, delivering clear and consistent sound quality.

Physically, the TDA7267A is compact, with a length of 20mm and a height of 4.59mm, making it easy to incorporate into space-constrained designs. This product is ideal for applications requiring high-fidelity audio amplification, such as home audio systems, portable speakers, and other consumer electronics.

As a product of STMicroelectronics, a leader in semiconductor solutions, the TDA7267A audio amplifier ensures high reliability and performance. It is available for purchase worldwide through Miken Electronics, a trusted distributor of electronic components.

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