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Standard Military Hexagon Head Cap Screw – MS35308-307

The Standard Military Hexagon Head Cap Screw MS35308-30 is a 7/8″ long, 1/4-28 fine thread screw made from corrosion-resistant steel. Designed for durability and reliability in demanding environments, it meets military standards. Available globally through Miken Electronics.

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The Standard Military Hexagon Head Cap Screw MS35308-30 is a precision-engineered fastener designed to meet the rigorous requirements of military and high-performance applications. Measuring 7/8″ in length with a 1/4-28 fine thread, this hex head cap screw is constructed from corrosion-resistant steel, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity even in harsh environments.

The MS35308-30 hexagon head cap screw is specifically designed to provide secure and reliable fastening in critical assemblies. Its fine thread design offers superior holding power and resistance to loosening due to vibration, making it ideal for use in aerospace, defense, and other demanding industrial applications. The corrosion-resistant steel construction enhances its durability, ensuring the screw maintains its integrity and performance over time.

Engineered to meet strict military standards, the MS35308-30 cap screw guarantees consistent quality and reliability. Its precise dimensions and robust design make it a trusted choice for engineers and technicians who require dependable fastening solutions. The hex head design allows for easy installation and removal using standard tools, facilitating efficient assembly and maintenance processes.

Available worldwide through Miken Electronics, the Standard Military Hexagon Head Cap Screw MS35308-30 meets international specifications, providing you with a high-quality product that delivers outstanding performance in the most demanding conditions. Choose the MS35308-30 for your critical applications and ensure your assemblies benefit from the highest standards of quality and reliability.

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MS35308, 307


SB02, A61


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