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The AIRFRAME -Standard Aeronautical Bolt Cadmium Plated Steel – AN8-17A Fastener is a high-quality product with a length of 1.969 inches, a grip length of 1.188 inches, and a hardness rating ranging from 26.0 to 32.0 rockwell c. It features a finished head, a hexagon head style, and is made from steel comp 4037, 4130, 8630, 8735, 8740, or 4140 material specified under Mil-b-6812 military specification.

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. This bolt has a minimum tensile strength of 125,000 pounds per square inch, a thread diameter of 0.500 inches, and a thread length of 0.781 inches. The surface treatment is cadmium with a Class 3 federal specification single treatment response qq-p-type 2, and it has a 3a thread class, right-hand thread direction, and 20 threads per inch (tpi) in the UNF (fine thread) series designator. The width between flats ranges from 0.740 to 0.752 inches, making it a reliable choice for various applications.

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Fastener Length: 1.969 inches
Finished head Grip Length: 1.188 inches
Hardness Rating: 26.0 rockwell c and 32.0 rockwell c
Head Height: Between 0.265 inches and 0.297 inches
Head Style: Hexagon
Material: Steel comp 4037 or steel comp 4130 or steel comp 8630 or steel comp 8735 or steel comp 8740 or steel comp 4140
Material Specification:Mil-b-6812 military specification all material responses
Min. Tensile Strength (psi):
125000 pounds per square inch
Thread Diameter:0.500 inches
Surface Treatment: Cadmium
Surface Treatment Specification :Class 3 federal specification single treatment response qq-p-type 2
Thread Class: 3a
Thread Direction: Right-hand
Thread Length: 0.781 inches
Thread Qty Per Inch (tpi): 20
Thread Series Designator: Unf (fine thread)
Width Between Flats: Between 0.740 inches and 0.752 inches


AN8, 17A


SB02, A60


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