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This crystal oscillator from Onsemi is a precise electronic circuit that generates a stable output signal at a specific frequency determined by a piezoelectric crystal.

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Ensure timing accuracy in your electronic projects with this crystal oscillator from Onsemi. A crystal oscillator is a circuit that utilizes the precise vibrational frequency of a piezoelectric crystal to generate a highly stable electronic signal at a specific frequency. This stability makes crystal oscillators essential components in various applications requiring accurate timing, such as:

  • Microcontrollers and microprocessors: Crystal oscillators provide the precise clock signal needed for these devices to function correctly.
  • Communication systems: They are crucial for generating carrier signals used in radio, television, and other communication technologies.
  • Test and measurement equipment: Crystal oscillators ensure accurate timekeeping and signal generation in test equipment.

Key features of crystal oscillators:

  • Highly stable output frequency determined by a piezoelectric crystal
  • Accurate timing for electronic devices
  • Widely used in microcontrollers, communication systems, and test equipment


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