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POSITRONIC – Power Connector to the Board, Rectangular- PCIH47RM400C1

The POSITRONIC PCIH47RM400C1 is a high-performance rectangular power connector designed for board mounting. Engineered by Amphenol Positronic, it features multiple power contacts to ensure reliable and efficient current distribution, making it ideal for demanding applications requiring robust power connections.

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The POSITRONIC PCIH47RM400C1 is a premium power connector from Amphenol Positronic, designed specifically for board mounting applications. This rectangular connector is part of the PCIH series, renowned for its compact design and superior electrical performance. It features multiple power contacts that provide reliable and efficient current distribution, ensuring optimal performance in high-power applications.

Engineered for robustness and durability, the PCIH47RM400C1 connector is suitable for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial, and telecommunications. Its sequential mating design ensures that power and signal contacts connect in the proper order, protecting sensitive components and enhancing safety during connection and disconnection.

Whether you are designing high-reliability systems or upgrading existing hardware, the POSITRONIC PCIH47RM400C1 connector offers the quality and performance you need for secure and efficient power delivery. For detailed specifications and technical support, please visit the Positronic website or contact our support team.

Key Features:

  • Rectangular form factor for board mounting
  • Multiple power contacts for efficient current distribution
  • Sequential mating for enhanced safety
  • Suitable for high-power applications in various industries

Upgrade your power connection solutions with the reliable and efficient POSITRONIC PCIH47RM400C1 power connector.

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SB03, A300


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