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Microsemi – N Channel Mosfet 200V 5.5A 800mW (Ta), 25W (Tc) Through HoleTO39N- JAN2N6798

The N Channel MOSFET JAN2N6798N is a robust and efficient transistor designed for high-power applications. With a 200V rating, 5.5A current capability, and power dissipation of 800mW (Ta) and 25W (Tc), this through-hole TO-39 package component ensures reliable performance and durability.

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The N Channel MOSFET JAN2N6798N is a high-performance transistor tailored for demanding applications that require efficient power handling and robust reliability. Rated at 200V and capable of handling up to 5.5A of continuous current, this MOSFET is ideal for a wide range of high-power applications, including power supplies, motor controls, and industrial equipment.

Encased in a durable through-hole TO-39 package, the JAN2N6798N ensures efficient thermal management with a power dissipation rating of 800mW when mounted in free air (Ta) and up to 25W with proper heat sinking (Tc). This makes it suitable for environments where both compact size and effective heat dissipation are crucial.

The JAN2N6798N MOSFET is built to meet stringent military and aerospace standards, providing exceptional reliability in harsh conditions. Its rugged construction and superior electrical characteristics make it a preferred choice for professionals seeking dependable performance in critical applications.

Available worldwide through Miken, the N Channel MOSFET JAN2N6798N combines power, efficiency, and reliability, making it an excellent choice for engineers and designers in need of high-quality components for their electronic systems.

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