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Marl – Right Angle – PCB LED Indicator Red 2V – 125-505-04

Illuminate your PCBs with the Marl 125-505-04 Red Right Angle LED Indicator. With a through-hole design and operating at 2V, this indicator provides reliable and vibrant red illumination for your electronic projects.

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Enhance the visual feedback of your electronic projects with the Marl 125-505-04 Red Right Angle PCB LED Indicator. Designed for easy integration with its through-hole configuration, this LED indicator ensures seamless installation on your printed circuit boards (PCBs). Operating at 2V, it delivers vibrant red illumination, making it ideal for indicating status, alerts, or operational modes in various electronic devices. With its durable construction and reliable performance, the Marl 125-505-04 LED Indicator is the perfect choice for adding visual feedback to your PCB designs

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