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Secure Phone Line Connection: LITELINK™ Isolated Phone Line Interface IC

The LITELINK™ IC offers a single-chip, optically isolated solution for phone line interfaces. It eliminates the need for bulky transformers or capacitors, simplifying design and ensuring reliable performance.

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Simplify Phone Line Integration with the LITELINK™ Isolated Phone Line Interface IC

The LITELINK™ IC from Littelfuse provides a robust and efficient solution for integrating phone line functionality into your electronic devices. This innovative IC offers several key advantages:

  • Single-Chip Design: By integrating all necessary components onto a single chip, the LITELINK™ reduces board space requirements and simplifies your PCB layout.
  • Optical Isolation: Featuring optical isolation technology, this IC eliminates the need for bulky transformers or capacitors, improving design flexibility and safety by preventing ground loops and potential high-voltage transients.
  • Reliable Performance: The LITELINK™ IC delivers reliable performance with high isolation voltage and transient protection, ensuring robust phone line communication in various environments.
  • Caller ID Support (Optional): Choose a model with caller ID signal path selection for added functionality in your design.


  • Space-saving design: Single-chip format minimizes PCB footprint.
  • Eliminates bulky components: No transformers or capacitors needed.
  • Enhanced safety: Optical isolation technology prevents ground loops and high-voltage transients.
  • Reliable communication: Delivers consistent performance in diverse environments.
  • Optional caller ID support (on select models): Provides additional functionality.

The LITELINK™ Isolated Phone Line Interface IC is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring phone line connectivity, such as modems, fax machines, security systems, and industrial automation equipment. With its space-saving design, reliable performance, and optional caller ID support, the LITELINK™ IC offers a versatile and efficient solution for your phone line integration needs.


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