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Streamline Central Office Line Access: LCAS Telecom ICs

The LCAS (Line Card Access Switch) series offers integrated circuits designed for central office line card applications. They simplify access and control of phone lines for efficient telecommunication systems.

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Enhance Central Office Efficiency with LCAS Telecom ICs

Littelfuse’s LCAS (Line Card Access Switch) series provides a comprehensive solution for optimizing line card functionality within central office telecommunication systems. Here’s how LCAS ICs can benefit you:

  • Simplified Line Access: These ICs integrate multiple functions, including line selection, signaling, and test capabilities, streamlining access and control of phone lines on line cards.
  • Reduced Component Count: The LCAS series reduces the number of discrete components needed, minimizing board space requirements and simplifying PCB design.
  • Enhanced System Performance: LCAS ICs offer features like low on-resistance and fast switching speeds, contributing to efficient signal transmission and overall system performance.
  • Multiple Configuration Options: Choose from various LCAS IC options with different switch sizes and functionalities to perfectly suit your specific central office line card needs.


  • Streamlined line access: Simplifies control and management of phone lines.
  • Reduced component count: Minimizes board space and simplifies PCB design.
  • Enhanced performance: Contributes to efficient signal transmission and system operation.
  • Variety of options: Offers flexibility to match specific central office requirements.

The LCAS Telecom IC series from Littelfuse is an ideal solution for central office applications where efficient and reliable phone line access is crucial. Their ability to simplify line access, reduce component count, and enhance performance makes them a valuable asset for telecommunication system designers.


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