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ETA – Circuit Protector – ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A

The ETA ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A is a versatile circuit protector designed for DC 24V systems, offering current ratings from 0.5A to 16A. It provides fast disconnection for short circuits and features current limitation for overload protection. Equipped with LED status indicators and various signal outputs, it ensures reliable operation in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +50°C. Compatible with blade terminals and plug-in mounting using Module 17plus and 18plus, it is available through Miken Electronics worldwide.


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The ETA ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A is an advanced circuit protector engineered for precise protection of DC 24V systems in industrial environments. Available in a wide range of current ratings—from 0.5A up to 16A—it ensures tailored protection against short circuits and overloads. The device is designed to disconnect load circuits swiftly in case of a short circuit (typically within 100 ms) and provides prolonged protection against overloads (typically up to 5 seconds), thanks to its sophisticated current limitation capabilities (typically 1.15 times the rated current).

Featuring robust construction and reliable performance, the ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A includes multiple status indicators with LED lights (green, orange, and red) to indicate operational status and faults clearly. It also offers versatile signal outputs, including normally closed (N/C) or normally open (N/O) configurations for DC 30V/0.5A max and DC 10V/10mA min, along with a short-circuit-proof status output capable of handling up to 0.2A.

With a wide operating temperature range spanning from -30°C to +50°C, the ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A ensures reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions. Its terminal design accommodates blade terminals of 6.3 mm, facilitating secure electrical connections. The device is designed for easy installation using plug-in mounting, compatible with E-T-A’s Module 17plus and 18plus, which simplifies integration into control cabinets and optimizes space utilization.

For more information and global availability, the ETA ESX10-100-DC24V-0,5A circuit protector is offered through Miken Electronics, providing essential protection and reliability for DC 24V systems in various industrial applications.

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ESX10, 100, DC24V, 0,5A


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