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APL – 45cm x 45cm – Polishing Cloth – White – 9720-99-831-2863 – D14928

Experience unparalleled clarity and shine with our Polish Cloth White, designed specifically for use on transparent sheets and moldings in Perspex. NATO Stock No: 7920-99-831-2863 ensures compatibility and quality assurance. Pair with Greygate Plastic Polish DTD.770A for optimal results.

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Elevate the brilliance of your transparent sheets and moldings in Perspex with our premium Polish Cloth White, meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled clarity and shine. Designed for professional applications where precision and quality are paramount, this cloth is NATO Stock No: 7920-99-831-2863 certified, ensuring compatibility and adherence to stringent standards.

Measuring 45cm x 45cm, this versatile cloth provides ample coverage for effective polishing and maintenance of a wide range of Perspex surfaces. Whether you’re working with display cases, signage, or architectural elements, our Polish Cloth White is your go-to solution for achieving flawless results.

For optimal performance, pair this cloth with Greygate Plastic Polish DTD.770A, a trusted companion in the care and maintenance of Perspex materials. Together, they form a formidable team, capable of restoring clarity, removing blemishes, and preserving the integrity of your transparent surfaces for years to come.

Experience the difference with Miken World Wide, your trusted partner for premium-quality materials and accessories designed to exceed expectations in every application.


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7920, 99, 831, 2863


7920, 99, 831, 2863




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