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XILINX – Logic Devices 3.3V 144-mc CPLD – Complex Programmable – XC95144XL7TQ144C

Experience advanced control and versatility with our CPLD – Complex Programmable Logic Devices, featuring USB PD Rev. 3.0 v1.2 compliance with PPS support. This PD sink controller offers seamless integration with I2C bus communication and supports vital features such as OTP, interrupt masking, and fault LED indication. With a compact W-QFN4040-24 package and wide operating voltage range of 3.3V to 24V, this CPLD ensures reliable performance in diverse applications.

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Unlock unparalleled control and flexibility with our CPLD – Complex Programmable Logic Devices, meticulously engineered to meet the demands of modern electronics. Compliant with USB PD Rev. 3.0 v1.2, this PD sink controller redefines power delivery, offering seamless integration with I2C bus communication for enhanced versatility and ease of use.

Equipped with a comprehensive array of features, this CPLD supports PPS with precise voltage and current adjustments, ensuring optimal performance in dynamic power delivery scenarios. The inclusion of OTP (overtemperature protection) and derating functions safeguards against thermal issues, while interrupt support and status registers facilitate seamless communication with host MCUs, streamlining system monitoring and control.

Incorporating advanced fault detection mechanisms, including flash FAULT LED indication for negotiation mismatches, this CPLD ensures rapid identification and resolution of potential issues, enhancing system reliability and uptime. Moreover, support for OVP and OCP with auto-restart capabilities further reinforces system resilience, mitigating the risk of overvoltage and overcurrent events.

Designed for maximum efficiency, this CPLD features a power-saving mode to optimize energy consumption without compromising performance, making it ideal for battery-powered applications and sustainable designs. Additionally, compatibility with N-MOS VBUS power switches and dead-battery mode ensures seamless integration and operation in diverse environments.

With a compact W-QFN4040-24 package and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, this CPLD offers unparalleled versatility and reliability in challenging operating conditions. Furthermore, its lead-free, RoHS-compliant construction, combined with halogen and antimony-free materials, reflects our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Experience the future of programmable logic devices with Miken World Wide, where innovation meets reliability for the ultimate performance solution.

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