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STAUBLI – 4mm Socket Black Nickel Plated, 30 V ac, 60 V dc, 25A – 23.0450-21

“Introducing the Staubli 23.0450-21 Black 4mm Socket, a versatile electrical connector designed for reliability and performance. With nickel plating and ratings of 30V AC, 60V DC, and 25A, this socket is ideal for a wide range of applications requiring secure connections.”

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“Elevate your electrical connections with the Staubli 23.0450-21 Black 4mm Socket, meticulously engineered to deliver superior performance and reliability. This versatile socket features a robust construction with nickel plating, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance in demanding environments.

With voltage ratings of 30V AC and 60V DC, along with a current rating of 25A, the Staubli 23.0450-21 socket offers ample capacity to handle a variety of electrical loads. Whether used in automotive systems, industrial machinery, or laboratory equipment, this socket provides a secure and efficient connection for power transmission and signal transfer.

The 4mm socket design allows for easy and convenient mating with compatible plugs, facilitating quick and hassle-free assembly. Its black color adds a sleek and professional look to your installations, while the Staubli brand signifies quality and reliability trusted by professionals worldwide.

Designed to meet the highest industry standards, the Staubli 23.0450-21 socket undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent performance and adherence to safety regulations. Whether you’re a technician, engineer, or hobbyist, you can trust in Staubli’s reputation for excellence in electrical connectivity.

Upgrade your electrical systems with the Staubli 23.0450-21 Black 4mm Socket and experience the difference that precision engineering and quality materials make in your applications.”

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23.0450, 21


SB03, A122


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