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RAYCHEM – TE Connectivifty Wire, Stranded, Hook Up, Dual Wall-PVF2 -1.23 mm² – 44A0111-16-9-9

RAYCHEM, a brand of TE Connectivity, presents the 44A0111-16-9 Wire, a high-quality solution for various electrical applications. This Stranded Hook-Up Wire features Dual Wall construction with Spec44 insulation in white color, suitable for 16 AWG (1.23 mm²) conductors. It offers ample coverage for wiring projects, ensuring reliability and durability.

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RAYCHEM, under the umbrella of TE Connectivity, offers the 44A0111-16-9 Wire, a premium solution engineered to meet diverse electrical wiring needs. This Stranded Hook-Up Wire is meticulously crafted with Dual Wall construction, combining the benefits of durability and flexibility.

Featuring Spec44 insulation in a crisp white color, this wire ensures excellent electrical insulation properties, safeguarding against voltage leaks and environmental contaminants. Its 16 AWG (1.23 mm²) conductors provide ample current-carrying capacity, suitable for a wide range of applications in industrial, automotive, and aerospace sectors.

The 44A0111-16-9 Wire offers extensive coverage for wiring projects, reducing the need for frequent splicing and ensuring seamless installations. Its high-quality construction and TE Connectivity’s reputation for reliability guarantee consistent performance in demanding environments.

Whether you’re wiring control panels, automotive harnesses, or aerospace systems, trust RAYCHEM’s 44A0111-16-9 Wire to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Count on TE Connectivity’s expertise to provide innovative solutions that meet the stringent requirements of modern electrical applications.

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44A, 1111, 16, 9, 9








SB01, A32


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