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The GMM-M32/EM Hexagonal Locknut is crafted from nickel-plated brass and features an M32x1.5 metric thread size. Designed for use in EMC applications, this durable locknut ensures secure and reliable fastening, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and electromagnetic interference.

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The GMM-M32/EM Hexagonal Locknut is a high-quality fastening solution designed specifically for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) applications. Manufactured from nickel-plated brass, this locknut offers superior durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance even in challenging environments.

With a thread size of M32x1.5, the GMM-M32/EM locknut is suitable for a wide range of metric-threaded components. Its hexagonal shape facilitates easy installation and removal using standard tools, providing a secure and reliable fastening solution that meets the demands of various industrial and electronic applications.

The nickel plating on this brass locknut enhances its resistance to wear and environmental factors, while also providing excellent conductivity. This makes it particularly well-suited for EMC applications, where minimizing electromagnetic interference is critical. The robust construction ensures that the locknut maintains a tight and secure connection, essential for the stability and reliability of sensitive electronic systems.

Available through Miken Electronics, the GMM-M32/EM Hexagonal Locknut combines the advantages of high-quality materials and precise manufacturing to deliver a dependable fastening solution for EMC applications. Whether used in telecommunications, industrial machinery, or other electronic systems, this locknut provides the performance and reliability needed to ensure optimal operation and longevity of your equipment.

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