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Permabond 102 Super Glue: Strong, Fast-Curing Adhesive for Multiple Materials

This general-purpose super glue bonds plastics, rubbers, and metals quickly and forms strong bonds. Ideal for repairs, crafts, DIY projects, and even some industrial applications! Features good flow control and a compact 20gm size.

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Establish Fast and Reliable Bonds with Permabond 102 General Purpose Super Glue

Permabond 102 is a versatile cyanoacrylate (super glue) formulated for rapid bonding and reliable performance across various materials. This general-purpose adhesive offers a good balance between viscosity and cure speed, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Fast Curing and Strong Adhesion:

  • Quick Setting: Cures rapidly in seconds, minimizing assembly time and ensuring efficient project completion.
  • General Purpose Viscosity: Offers a good balance between flow and control, ideal for bonding both close-fitting parts and slightly uneven surfaces.
  • Strong Bonds: Forms a durable and long-lasting bond on various materials.
  • Bonds Multiple Materials: Effectively adheres to plastics, rubbers, and metals.
  • Drinking Water Approved: Certain formulations of Permabond 102 meet regulations for indirect contact with drinking water (check technical datasheet for details).


  • General Repairs: Mends broken household items, secures loose furniture parts, and performs various small repairs.
  • Model Making and Crafts: Perfect for rapid assembly and detailed repairs of intricate parts.
  • DIY Projects: Ideal for quick fixes and creative projects requiring strong adhesion.
  • Industrial Applications: Suitable for rapid bonding in assembly lines and various industrial processes (check technical datasheet for suitability).


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