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Parker Chomerics Insulator Pad (Washer) Acrylic 15.88mm Dia 60-11-4659-1671

The Parker Chomerics Insulator Pad (Washer) 60-11-4659-1671 is an acrylic-based insulator designed to provide reliable electrical insulation and thermal management. Ideal for various industrial and electronic applications, it ensures effective performance and durability.

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The Parker Chomerics Insulator Pad (Washer) 60-11-4659-1671 is an acrylic-based insulator engineered to meet the demands of various industrial and electronic applications. This high-quality insulator pad provides superior electrical insulation and thermal management, ensuring the reliable performance and longevity of your components and systems.

Designed with precision, the 60-11-4659-1671 insulator pad offers excellent durability and stability under varying conditions. Its robust construction makes it ideal for use in environments where consistent insulation and heat dissipation are crucial. The acrylic material used in this insulator pad ensures a high degree of electrical insulation, protecting sensitive electronic components from electrical interference and potential damage.

This insulator pad (washer) from Parker Chomerics is suitable for a wide range of applications, including automotive, telecommunications, and industrial electronics. Whether you need to insulate delicate circuitry or manage heat in high-power devices, the Parker Chomerics 60-11-4659-1671 insulator pad delivers reliable performance and peace of mind. Trust Parker Chomerics for top-notch materials that enhance the efficiency and safety of your applications.



Additional information


RoHS3, Compliant


0.0150", (0.381mm)

Shelf Life



60, 11, 4659, 1671


SB03, A112


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