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The NAS464P3A14 is a National Aerospace Standard shear bolt designed for high-strength applications in the aerospace industry. This bolt ensures reliable performance and safety in critical structural assemblies.

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The NAS464P3A14 shear bolt is a precision-engineered fastener designed to meet National Aerospace Standards for high-strength applications. Specifically crafted for use in the aerospace industry, this shear bolt is essential for ensuring the integrity and safety of critical structural assemblies.

Manufactured to exacting specifications, the NAS464P3A14 provides reliable performance under demanding conditions. Its design focuses on offering exceptional shear strength, making it suitable for applications where bolts must withstand significant lateral forces without compromising the structural integrity of the assembly.

The NAS464P3A14 shear bolt is crafted from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even in the harsh environments typically encountered in aerospace applications. This reliability makes it a preferred choice for engineers and designers who require components that adhere to stringent performance and safety standards.

For those in the aerospace sector seeking dependable fasteners, the NAS464P3A14 shear bolt offers a proven solution. Available now at Miken World Wide, this bolt is your go-to for ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance in your aerospace assemblies.

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SB03, A106


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