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MURATA – Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor-8PF-10PF -MVM010W

The MVM010W Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor offers a capacitance range of 8-10 pF with a compact overall length of 0.547 inches. Featuring two printed circuit terminals and an easy adjustment slotted screw, this unencased capacitor is ideal for precise tuning applications.

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Introducing the MVM010W Air Dielectric Variable Capacitor, a versatile component designed for precision tuning in electronic circuits. With a capacitance range of 8 to 10 picofarads and an overall length of 0.547 inches, this capacitor is compact yet highly efficient. The device includes two printed circuit terminals for easy mounting and integration into your projects. Its adjustment mechanism features a single slotted screw, allowing for precise and straightforward tuning. Encased in an uninclosed design, the MVM010W is suitable for various applications where space and accuracy are critical. Identified by the NATO Stock Number 5910-00-417-8108 and NIIN 004178108, this air dielectric variable capacitor meets stringent military standards. Enhance your electronic designs with the reliability and precision of the MVM010W, available at Miken World Wide.

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