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MARL 151 Series: Create Colourful Lighting Effects with 5mm Tri-Colour PCB LEDs

The MARL 151 Series features innovative 5mm tri-colour LEDs, combining red, green, and yellow (typical) in one package. This allows for generating a wide range of colours and lighting effects for creative PCB projects. The LEDs offer wide viewing angles, long lifespans, and easy installation through-hole mounting.

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MARL 151 Series: Unleash a Spectrum of Lighting Possibilities – 5mm Tri-Colour PCB LEDs

The MARL 151 Series takes PCB illumination to a whole new level with its tri-colour LED design. This innovative package combines three individual LEDs (typically red, green, and yellow) within a single 5mm housing, allowing you to generate a vast array of lighting effects and colour combinations. Perfect for applications requiring dynamic lighting or status indication, the 151 Series offers exceptional versatility for your electronic projects.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Tri-Colour LEDs: Three LEDs in one – red, green, and yellow (typical colours) – provide the ability to create a wide range of colours and lighting effects by controlling each LED independently.
  • Single Housing: The compact 5mm housing minimizes space requirements on your PCB.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: The diffused lens ensures clear visibility of the emitted light from various angles.
  • Standard Forward Voltage: Compatible with most LED driver circuits for ease of use.
  • Long-Lasting Reliability: MARL LEDs are known for their exceptional lifespan for long-term performance.
  • Through-Hole Mounting: Simplifies installation on your PCB design.

MARL 151 Series: The Creative Lighting Solution for PCBs

For projects demanding dynamic lighting effects or the ability to display multiple colours, the MARL 151 Series tri-colour PCB LEDs are the ideal choice. The innovative design offers immense creative potential, allowing you to generate a spectrum of colours and lighting effects with a single LED package. Combined with reliable performance and ease of use, the 151 Series empowers you to bring your electronic projects to life with vibrant illumination.

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