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JST – Solderless – Terminal Connectors – PHR Female 2mm Pitch, 4 Way, 1 Row – PHR-4

Effortlessly connect wires with our Solderless JST Terminal Connectors. Featuring PHR Female connectors with a 2mm pitch, 4-way, 1-row configuration, these connectors offer easy and secure wire termination. Trust Miken World Wide for reliable electrical connections in your projects.

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Streamline your wire connections with the Solderless JST Terminal Connectors from Miken World Wide. Designed for convenience and reliability, these connectors feature PHR Female terminals with a 2mm pitch, 4-way, 1-row configuration, perfect for various electrical applications.

Ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals alike, these terminal connectors offer a solderless solution for wire termination. Simply insert the wires into the connector housing, and the secure locking mechanism ensures a stable connection without the need for soldering.

The 2mm pitch spacing makes these connectors compatible with a wide range of JST components, providing versatility and compatibility for your projects. Whether you’re building prototypes, repairing electronics, or conducting experiments, these connectors offer the flexibility you need.

Trust Miken World Wide to deliver quality terminal connectors that meet your project requirements. With the Solderless JST Terminal Connectors, you can achieve reliable electrical connections with ease, making your projects a success.

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