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The CDSHF 42 from ILME is a high-capacity female insert with 42 poles, designed to facilitate complex and reliable electrical connections in a variety of industrial settings. Compatible with ILME standard enclosures, this insert ensures optimal performance and durability.

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Explore the CDSHF 42, an exceptional female insert designed by ILME for industrial applications where high-density and reliable connectivity are critical. Featuring 42 poles, this insert is engineered to manage multiple connections within a compact form factor, making it ideal for sophisticated electrical systems that require meticulous control and robust performance.

The CDSHF 42 integrates seamlessly with a range of ILME standard enclosures, enhancing its versatility for use in diverse industrial environments such as manufacturing plants, automation systems, and heavy equipment. Its design is specifically tailored to endure harsh conditions, including exposure to high vibrations, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances, ensuring sustained operational efficacy and extended lifespan.

This insert is crafted with high-quality materials, including silver-plated contacts that guarantee excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to wear. These features are crucial for maintaining low contact resistance and high reliability, especially in applications that involve frequent mating cycles.

Installation of the CDSHF 42 is straightforward, offering convenience and reducing the potential for downtime during setup and routine maintenance. It is the perfect solution for engineers and systems designers seeking a dependable and efficient connection option that meets the high demands of modern industrial applications. The CDSHF 42 embodies ILME’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance connectivity and drive technological advancement in industrial settings.

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