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ILME – Squich – Female Insert Terminal – CDSHF

The CDSHF 18 from ILME is a versatile female insert with 18 poles, designed for secure and reliable electrical connections in a wide range of industrial applications. Compatible with ILME standard enclosures, this product ensures optimal functionality and robust performance.

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Introducing the CDSHF 18, a sophisticated female insert crafted by ILME to meet the demands of modern industrial applications requiring reliable multi-pole connections. This 18-pole insert is designed to facilitate robust and secure electrical connections, making it ideal for environments where durability and reliability are paramount.

The CDSHF 18 is perfectly suited for integration with ILME’s standard enclosures, providing a seamless fit and enhancing its usability across various industrial settings such as manufacturing, automation, and heavy machinery. Its sturdy construction ensures resistance to harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, vibrations, and corrosive elements, thereby maintaining performance integrity over long periods.

Equipped with high-quality silver-plated contacts, the CDSHF 18 offers excellent conductivity and low resistance, critical for maintaining efficient power and signal transmission. This feature also contributes to the longevity and reliability of the connections, supporting frequent connection cycles without degradation.

Easy to install and maintain, the CDSHF 18 minimizes downtime and enhances operational efficiency. Its design emphasizes not only performance but also ease of use and safety, making it a trusted choice for engineers and technicians in various industries. This product underscores ILME’s commitment to providing high-quality, reliable connection solutions that drive industrial innovation and productivity


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