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ILME – Connector – HOOD – M20 – MHV

Discover the ILME MHV 10.20, a durable 4 Peg hood Size 57.27 designed to protect industrial connectors. With robust construction and easy installation, it ensures secure electrical connections in demanding environments.

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Introducing the ILME MHV 10.20, a reliable solution for industrial connector protection. This durable 4 Peg hood Size 57.27 is engineered to withstand demanding environments, providing secure electrical connections for industrial applications. With its robust construction, the MHV 10.20 hood ensures protection for connectors, safeguarding them from dust, moisture, and other hazards.

Designed for ease of installation, this hood offers convenience without compromising on performance. Whether used in manufacturing plants, automation systems, or other industrial settings, the ILME MHV 10.20 hood delivers dependable protection and secure electrical connections, ensuring reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

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