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EUROQUARTZ – Oscillator 8 MHz 50 ppm SMD 7mm x 5mm CER 3.3 V XO91 Series-XO53050UITA

The Euroquartz 24.576MHz Clock Oscillator XO53050UITA-24.576 offers precise frequency control with a stability of ±50ppm. Designed for HCMOS and LSTTL compatibility, this 4-pin SMD oscillator ensures reliable performance in a compact form factor, making it ideal for various electronic applications.

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The Euroquartz 24.576MHz Clock Oscillator, model XO53050UITA-24.576, is a high-precision frequency control device designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern electronic applications. With a frequency of 24.576MHz and a stability of ±50ppm, this oscillator provides accurate and reliable timing signals, essential for ensuring the proper operation of digital circuits.

This clock oscillator is compatible with both HCMOS and LSTTL logic levels, offering flexibility in integration with various types of digital systems. Its 4-pin surface-mount device (SMD) package allows for easy installation on printed circuit boards (PCBs), making it a suitable choice for compact and space-constrained designs.

The XO53050UITA-24.576 is engineered for durability and long-term performance, ensuring that it maintains its specified frequency stability over a wide range of operating conditions. This makes it ideal for use in applications such as telecommunications, data communications, computing, and other electronic systems where precise timing is crucial.

Available through Miken Electronics, the Euroquartz 24.576MHz Clock Oscillator is a reliable solution for engineers and designers seeking high-quality frequency control components. Its combination of precision, compatibility, and compact design makes it an excellent choice for ensuring the accurate and stable operation of electronic devices and systems. Whether used in new product designs or as a replacement component, this oscillator provides the performance and reliability necessary for demanding applications.


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SB04, D149


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