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ETA – Circuit Protector – ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E

The ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E by E-T-A is a robust DC 24V power distribution system with enhanced signal output capabilities, featuring rapid load disconnection and precise current limitation for reliable circuit protection in industrial environments.

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The ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E from E-T-A is an advanced power distribution system designed to meet the stringent demands of DC 24V applications in industrial settings. Operating within a voltage range of 18 to 32 volts, this device provides essential circuit protection and monitoring functions crucial for maintaining operational integrity and safety.

This single-pole system supports a wide range of current ratings from 0.5A to 16A, catering to diverse power requirements with flexibility and efficiency. It incorporates sophisticated load disconnection mechanisms that respond swiftly to short circuits, typically disconnecting the circuit within 100 milliseconds, and overloads, typically within 5 seconds. This rapid response helps prevent equipment damage and ensures minimal disruption to critical operations.

The ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E features precise current limitation technology, offering settings at 1.15 times the nominal current (IN) and additional levels at 1.8, 1.5, and 1.3 times IN. These settings enable fine-tuning of protective measures against excessive current, enhancing the overall reliability and longevity of connected systems.

For enhanced functionality, the system includes versatile signal output options designed to facilitate seamless integration with external monitoring or control systems. It provides DC 30V/0.5A max (normally closed or normally open) and DC 10V/10mA min (normally closed or normally open) outputs, ensuring compatibility across a variety of industrial applications. The status output is capable of handling up to 0.2A and is designed to be short circuit-proof, delivering reliable feedback on system status and faults through a tri-color LED indicator (green, orange, red).

Designed with usability in mind, the ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E features 6.3 mm blade terminals for secure electrical connections and supports plug-in mounting using modules 17plus and 18plus, facilitating straightforward installation within control panels or equipment enclosures.

To ensure compliance with safety standards such as Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and EN 60204-1, it is essential to match the cable cross-section of the load circuit with the current rating of the ESX10 used. Additionally, implementing precautionary measures like employing a safety PLC is recommended to prevent automatic system restarts following a failure, thereby bolstering overall system safety and reliability.

The ESX10-103-DC24V-6A-E is available through Miken Electronics, offering robust circuit protection capabilities, precise monitoring, and a compact, user-friendly design suit

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ESX10, 103, DC24V, 6A-E


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