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ETA – Circuit Breakers AC: 277V, DC: 65V 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A

Ensure robust circuit protection with the E-T-A 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker. This 8A fast-acting breaker, suitable for 277/480VAC and 65VDC, offers reliable performance and safety in diverse applications.

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Enhance the safety and reliability of your electrical systems with the E-T-A 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker. Engineered to provide superior protection, this fast-acting, single-pole breaker effectively guards against overloads and short circuits by combining thermal and magnetic trip characteristics. With a current rating of 8A and voltage ratings of 277/480VAC and 65VDC, it is highly versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, from industrial machinery to commercial and residential electrical setups.

The E-T-A 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A breaker features a toggle actuation for easy operation and Quick Connect (QC) terminals that facilitate straightforward installation. Its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, even in demanding environments. This breaker is designed to deliver precise and dependable protection, making it an essential component for maintaining the integrity of your electrical systems.

Key Features:

  • Manufacturer: E-T-A Circuit Protection and Control
  • Model: 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A
  • Type: Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker
  • Current Rating: 8A
  • Voltage Rating: 277/480VAC, 65VDC
  • Actuation Type: Toggle
  • Trip Characteristics: Fast-Acting
  • Poles: 1P
  • Terminals: Quick Connect (QC)

For top-notch circuit protection and reliable performance, choose the E-T-A 2210-S211-P1F1-H111-8A Thermal-Magnetic Circuit Breaker. Available at Miken Electronics, your global source for high-quality electronic components. Secure your systems with the best—order now!

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2210, S211, P1F1, H111, 8A


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