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ETA – Circuit Breaker Electronic- REX12-TA1-107-DC24V-10A

The E-T-A REX-TA1-107-DC24V-10A electronic circuit breaker ensures reliable protection for DC 24V systems, offering adjustable current ratings from 1A to 10A, with rapid disconnection for overloads and short circuits. Featuring a clear LED status indicator and designed for DIN rail mounting, it provides efficient space-saving installation, making it ideal for industrial applications.

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The E-T-A REX-TA1-107-DC24V-10A electronic circuit breaker is an advanced solution for safeguarding DC 24V systems against overloads and short circuits. Widely used in industrial environments, DC 24V power supplies can face disruptions from a single faulty load, leading to a complete system shutdown. The REX-TA1-107 prevents such failures by offering rapid disconnection within <10 ms for short circuits and typically 3 seconds for overloads, ensuring minimal downtime and enhanced system reliability.

This circuit breaker features adjustable current ratings ranging from 1A to 10A, providing flexibility to meet various application needs. With a choice of single or dual-channel configurations, it can efficiently manage diverse load requirements.

The REX-TA1-107 includes a multicolor LED indicator that clearly shows the operational status and fault conditions, aiding in quick diagnostics and maintenance. Designed for ease of installation, it utilizes PT-terminals and is suitable for DIN rail mounting, allowing for a compact and organized setup in control cabinets.

Operating within a voltage range of 18 to 30 V DC, this robust circuit breaker is designed to perform reliably in demanding industrial conditions. The device operates effectively across a wide temperature range, ensuring durability and consistent performance.

Certified to meet international safety standards, the E-T-A REX-TA1-107-DC24V-10A electronic circuit breaker is an essential component for protecting and optimizing industrial automation systems. For more information and detailed specifications, visit Miken Electronics worldwide on the web.

Technical Data:

  • Operating voltage: DC 24 V (18…30 V)
  • Voltage rating: DC 24 V
  • Current ratings: 1 A / 1 A, 2 A / 2 A, 3 A / 3 A, 4 A / 4 A, 6 A / 6 A, 8 A, 10 A, 1 A-10 A adjustable
  • Number of channels: 1 and 2
  • Load disconnection: short circuit/overload: < 10 ms, overload: typically 3 s
  • Status indication: 1 LED green/orange/red: status/fault
  • Terminal design: PT-terminals
  • Mounting method: DIN rail

This versatile circuit breaker offers a combination of precision protection, easy installation, and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for modern industrial applications.

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REX12, TA1, 107, DC24V, 10A


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