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EPCOS – Inductors RF – SMD 4.7uH 150mA 10% 1210 SMD, AEC-Q200 – B82422A1472K-100

The EPCOS B82422A1472K100 RF Inductor is a surface-mount device (SMD) with a 4.7 µH inductance and a 150 mA current rating. It features a 10% tolerance and a compact 1210 package. This AEC-Q200 qualified inductor is ideal for automotive and high-reliability applications, offering superior performance and durability.

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The EPCOS B82422A1472K100 RF Inductor is a high-performance surface-mount device (SMD) designed for demanding applications. With an inductance of 4.7 µH and a current rating of 150 mA, this inductor ensures efficient energy storage and transfer in a wide range of electronic circuits. The device features a tolerance of 10%, providing reliable performance with minimal variation.

Encased in a compact 1210 package, the B82422A1472K100 is perfect for space-constrained applications, allowing for easy integration into modern, high-density circuit boards. This inductor meets the stringent AEC-Q200 standards, making it ideal for automotive and other high-reliability applications that require robust and durable components.

Manufactured by EPCOS, a leading name in electronic components, this RF inductor is engineered to deliver exceptional quality and consistency. Whether you’re designing for automotive systems, telecommunications, or industrial electronics, the EPCOS B82422A1472K100 RF Inductor provides the performance and reliability you need to ensure your applications operate smoothly and efficiently. Trust in EPCOS for components that meet the highest standards of excellence.


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B82422A1472K, 100


SB03, C132




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