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Connector Boot for use with RJ45 – 171-950

Protect and enhance your RJ45 cable assemblies with the 171-950 Connector Boot. Designed for UTP/STP cables, it safeguards the latching clip from damage and allows easy conversion from UTP to STP. Compatible with multi-sport socket harmonica blocks for versatile networking solutions.

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Upgrade your network infrastructure with the 171-950 Connector Boot, engineered for optimal performance and protection of your RJ45 cable assemblies. This durable boot is designed for use with both UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) and STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) cable assemblies, offering robust shielding that guards the vulnerable latching clip against damage.

The 171-950 Connector Boot not only prolongs the lifespan of your cables by preventing clip breakage but also facilitates the easy and low-effort conversion of UTP RJ45 plugs to STP. This versatility ensures that your network can adapt to various connectivity needs while maintaining high performance and minimal signal interference.

Moreover, this connector boot is fully compatible with multi-sport socket harmonica blocks, making it an ideal choice for complex and dynamic networking environments. Whether you’re setting up a home office, managing a corporate network, or handling a large-scale data center, the 171-950 Connector Boot ensures reliable and secure connections.

Enhance the durability and functionality of your RJ45 cables with the 171-950 Connector Boot, available now at Miken World Wide. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior protection and seamless network integration.

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