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Essential Curing Agent: Catalyst 14 WHT

Catalyst 14 WHT is a two-part epoxy system essential curing agent, designed for use with Ablestik 45W1 adhesive. It facilitates a strong and secure bond with easy mixing for optimal results.

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The Perfect Partner: Catalyst 14 WHT for Ablestik 45W1 Adhesive

Catalyst 14 WHT plays a crucial role in achieving a reliable and long-lasting bond with Ablestik 45W1 epoxy adhesive. Here’s why it’s essential:

  • Designed for Ablestik 45W1: This catalyst is specifically formulated to work seamlessly with Ablestik 45W1, ensuring optimal curing performance and achieving the desired adhesive properties.
  • Easy Mixing: The catalyst comes in a user-friendly format that allows for simple and thorough mixing with Ablestik 45W1 resin, minimizing application errors.
  • Strong and Secure Bond: When combined with Ablestik 45W1, Catalyst 14 WHT facilitates a strong and secure bond that resists shock, peel, and other stresses.


  • Optimized Curing: Ensures the Ablestik 45W1 adhesive cures properly for a reliable and long-lasting bond.
  • User-friendly Mixing: Simplifies the application process for efficient use.
  • Durable Bond: Contributes to a strong and secure bond when used with Ablestik 45W1.

Catalyst 14 WHT is an essential component of the Ablestik 45W1 epoxy system. By using them together, you can achieve a dependable and effective bond for various applications.

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