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Crystal Clear Bonding: Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear

The Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear is a two-part, clear epoxy adhesive system ideal for creating strong, transparent bonds for visible applications.

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Strong and Transparent Bonding Solution: Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear

For applications where a clear, high-strength bond is crucial, the Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear system offers an exceptional solution. This two-part epoxy system boasts several key features:

  • Crystal Clear Bond: The clear adhesive and catalyst ensure a transparent bond line, making it ideal for applications where aesthetics are important. This allows for near-invisible repairs and bonding of transparent materials.
  • Controllable Flexibility: By varying the amount of catalyst used, you can adjust the final cured adhesive’s flexibility from rigid to flexible. This versatility allows you to tailor the bond properties to your specific project needs.
  • Strong and Durable Bond: Once cured, the Ablestik 45 Clear forms a powerful bond that is resistant to impact, vibration, and chemicals. This ensures long-lasting performance for your bonded components.
  • Easy to Use: The Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear system comes with a user-friendly mix ratio for easy and consistent application.


  • Transparent bond: Ideal for visible applications and repairs of clear materials.
  • Adjustable flexibility: Choose between rigid or flexible bonds based on your needs.
  • Strong and durable: Ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Easy to use: User-friendly mix ratio for simple application.

The Ablestik 45 Clear & Catalyst 15 Clear system is a versatile and reliable solution for creating clear, high-strength bonds in various applications. It’s ideal for projects requiring a strong, transparent connection while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

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