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ANALOG – Micro Switch- Quad SPDT – 20 Pin – SDG333ABRSZ

Upgrade your switching capabilities with the ANALOG DEVICES ADG333ABRSZ Micro Switch. This 4-channel, SPDT analogue switch in SSOP-20 packaging offers high performance and reliability. With a maximum supply voltage rating of 44V and low power dissipation, it ensures efficient operation in a variety of applications.

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Enhance your electronic systems with the cutting-edge functionality of the ANALOG DEVICES ADG333ABRSZ Micro Switch. Featuring 4 channels and a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) configuration, this analogue switch redefines versatility and performance in SSOP-20 packaging.

Engineered for efficiency, the ADG333ABRSZ boasts a maximum supply voltage rating of 44V, combined with low power dissipation, ensuring reliable operation without compromising on energy efficiency. Its wide VSS to VDD analogue signal range accommodates diverse input signals, making it suitable for a range of applications.

With low on resistance of just 45 ohms maximum and minimal variation (∆RON) of only 5 ohms maximum, this micro switch guarantees seamless signal transmission and minimal signal distortion. The impressive switching time, with tON of 175ns and tOFF of 145ns, ensures rapid response in dynamic environments.

Equipped with features like low leakage current (5nA max) and low charge injection (10pC max), the ADG333ABRSZ maintains signal integrity while minimizing power consumption. Additionally, its exceptional channel-to-channel crosstalk performance of 85dB typ (RL = 75 ohms, CL = 5pF, f = 1MHz; VS = 2.3V rms) ensures clear and reliable signal routing.

Designed to withstand harsh operating conditions, this micro switch operates flawlessly across a wide temperature range from -40°C to +85°C, making it suitable for industrial, automotive, and telecommunications applications.

Packaged in a convenient 20-lead shrink small outline package (SSOP), the ADG333ABRSZ offers easy integration into your existing systems while providing the durability and reliability you expect from ANALOG DEVICES. Experience the next level of switching performance with Miken World Wide and the ADG333ABRSZ Micro Switch.

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