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ABB – CABLE Clip .4X.6 Nat Push – TC5823

The ABB TC5823 Cable Clip is designed for effective cable management, accommodating cables sized 0.4″ x 0.6″. This natural push-fit clip ensures easy installation and reliable performance, making it ideal for various industrial and commercial applications.

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The ABB TC5823 Cable Clip is a versatile and reliable solution for efficient cable management. Designed to securely hold cables sized 0.4 inches by 0.6 inches, this clip is perfect for organizing and routing cables in a wide range of environments, from industrial to commercial settings.

The TC5823 Cable Clip features a natural push-fit design, allowing for quick and straightforward installation without the need for additional tools or hardware. This ease of use significantly reduces installation time and labor costs, making it an ideal choice for both large-scale and small-scale projects.

Constructed from durable materials, the ABB TC5823 Cable Clip offers excellent resistance to wear and environmental factors, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Its robust design keeps cables firmly in place, preventing tangling and potential damage, thereby enhancing the safety and organization of your cabling systems.

Whether you are managing electrical wiring, data cables, or other types of cabling, the ABB TC5823 Cable Clip provides a dependable and efficient solution. Trust in ABB’s reputation for quality and innovation to meet your cable management needs with this practical and durable clip.


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