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Texas Instruments – (I.C.) Open Collector O/P, 1.3μs 3 → 28 V 14-Pin CDIP – Quad Comparator – LM139J

The Texas Instruments LM139J is a quad comparator IC featuring open collector outputs and a 1.3 μs response time, operating within a voltage range of 3V to 28V. Encased in a 14-pin CDIP, it is designed for precision voltage comparison in various applications.

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The Texas Instruments LM139J is a versatile quad comparator IC designed for precise voltage comparison tasks across a broad range of applications. This IC features open collector outputs, allowing for easy interfacing with various logic systems. With a fast response time of 1.3 μs, the LM139J ensures quick and accurate signal processing, making it ideal for high-speed applications.

Operating within a wide voltage range of 3V to 28V, the LM139J provides flexibility and compatibility with numerous power supply configurations. Housed in a robust 14-pin Ceramic Dual In-line Package (CDIP), this quad comparator is built for durability and reliable performance in demanding environments.

The LM139J is suitable for a variety of uses, including industrial control systems, instrumentation, and automotive applications. Its precision and reliability make it a valuable component for engineers and designers seeking high-performance voltage comparison solutions. Enhance your electronic projects with the dependable Texas Instruments LM139J quad comparator, available now at Miken World Wide.

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