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This high-performance voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) from Onsemi offers exceptional frequency control for demanding applications.

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Level up your signal generation capabilities with this high-performance voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) available at RS Online. Building upon the functionality of a standard VCO, this variant might offer improved performance characteristics such as:

  • Enhanced Frequency Stability: This VCO could potentially provide a more stable output frequency over a wider range of operating conditions, leading to more precise signal generation.
  • Lower Phase Noise: Lower phase noise could translate to a cleaner output signal, minimizing unwanted noise and distortion.
  • Faster Frequency Tuning: This VCO might allow for quicker adjustments to the output frequency, making it ideal for applications requiring rapid frequency changes.

These potential improvements make this high-performance VCO suitable for demanding applications in various fields, including:

  • High-fidelity FM synthesis: The enhanced performance characteristics could benefit the creation of high-quality audio signals in FM synthesizers.
  • Advanced voltage-controlled filters: The potential for lower phase noise and faster tuning could improve the precision and control of voltage-controlled filters used in sound design.
  • High-speed phase-locked loops (PLLs): Faster frequency tuning might be beneficial in PLLs used for critical functions like clock generation and data synchronization.

Key features (depending on the specific VCO):

  • High-performance voltage-controlled oscillator
  • Potentially improved frequency stability, lower phase noise, and faster tuning compared to standard VCOs
  • Suitable for demanding applications in FM synthesis, voltage-controlled filters, and high-speed PLLs


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