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The ETA Circuit Breaker Electronic 1 Channel Plug-In Mounting – ESX10-TA-100-DC24V Series is a highly reliable circuit protection solution, designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern electronic systems. With a versatile current rating of 0.5A to 12A-E and a stable voltage rating of 24 VDC, this circuit breaker ensures optimal performance and safety for various applications. The ESX10-T series breaker is engineered to withstand extreme operating temperatures, ranging from -25°C to +50°C, making it suitable for diverse environments. Despite being non-illuminated, its robust design includes an 80 mm height and convenient DIN rail mounting style, facilitating easy installation and integration into existing systems. Designed for Miken Electronics, this circuit breaker is available worldwide on the web, offering a dependable and efficient solution for protecting electronic circuits across a wide range of industries.


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